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ONE TOWN, ONE PRODUCT (OTOP) PHILIPPINES is a priority stimulus program for Micro, Small and Medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) as government’s customized intervention to drive inclusive local economic growth. The program enables localities and communities to determine, develop, support, and promote products or services that are rooted in its local culture, community resource, creativity, connection, and competitive advantage. As their own ‘pride-of-place,’ these are offerings where they can be the best at or best renowned for. It endeavors to capacitate our ‘OTOPreneurs’ to innovate and produce market-ready products and services.

OTOP is an international program that originated from Japan’s One Village, One Product. Its various versions and iterations in numerous countries are proofs that it is a viable branding and stimulus program for MSMEs. Here in the Philippines, it has been in existence since 2002. This was further powered through the promulgation of Executive Order 176 by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in February 2003. After a decade and a half of combined gains and challenges, OTOP remains to be a strategic tool that provides an ecosystem of assistance from local government units, national government agencies, and the private sector. It is now transitioning to a convergent effort to its next phase of execution in the form of OTOP Next Gen.

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